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Solar Microgrids

An innovative way to deliver electricity to multi-tenanted buildings and shopping centres

Turnkey solar microgrid solutions for commercial and residential properties in Australia.

How Do Solar Microgrids Work?

Multiple elements are at play while setting up an effective Microgrid.
Below is a brief explanation of how this will work for you.

The gate meter, tenancy meters and common meter form an embedded network.


4. Solar Panels (Solar Power Plant)

Solar panels are installed at the property, forming the Solar Power Plant. These enable the generation of energy for the property. The electricity generated through these panels is distributed via the embedded network to the different tenants and common areas.

The solar panels allow the embedded network to use solar energy generated on-site.


Combining these elements allows us to deliver an innovative Solar Microgrid Solution for multi-tenanted buildings and shopping centres.


1. Gate Meter (Parent Meter)

A gate meter is installed that is the start to the embedded network, it is where electricity is measured from the grid. 

We combine electricity from the grid with electricity generated on site to supply occupants within the embedded network.


2. Tenancy Meters (Child Meters)

Tenancy meters are those that measure consumption by individual tenants within the embedded network. These meters are NMI pattern approved.


3. Common Meter (Child Meter)

A common meter is set up for the property; this enables us to measure energy consumption for the common areas in the property such as hallway lights, carpark lighting, lifts and the like.

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Microgrid Power is the best choice for your property

It takes three to tango...

What Do the Stakeholder Commitments & Benefits Include?


Property Owner

  • Enter into a Microgrid Power contract for an agreed period of time.

  • Execute a Roof Top Licence contract for an agreed period of time, allowing for the installation and maintenance of the on-site solar power plant. This is the source of providing on-going roof rental.


Occupier / Tenant

  • Enter into a non-binding electricity agreement

  • Complete bill analysis to review each tenant individual circumstances is always available.


Microgrid Power

  • Install and maintain solar equipment

  • Implement embedded network

  • Bill all energy consumers and provide quality customer service as needed

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